About Us

Our Philosophy

We Believe in Bringing Your Inner Glow and Beauty Out

Since 1959, we have been an essential part of many people’s lives, enhancing their beauty and charm with each high-quality and widely-loved product. We truly believe that you should feel beautiful at any age, which is why we bring the products you deserve. Naturally gorgeous, moisturized, and revived skin is now possible because of our dedicated work.

People-Driven Philosophy

Affinity Beauty Brands is all about the people who use our skincare and hair products. Our customers span across generations, loving and trusting our formulas for decades to nurture their skin into its best condition.

Our products are inspired by our lovely customers who engage with us and tell us their needs for personal skincare. They have trusted our formula for decades, so our philosophy is focused on you!

We are proud of every product that comes out since we often hear stories from our lovely users who pass them onto their loved ones, friends, and family members; what can be better than getting balanced, bright skin and passing on the secret to people you love.

Proven Products

Each formula is time-tested, having set the standard for premium skincare since decades. We promote products to repair, rejuvenate, and protect your inner and outer beauty. The proof is clear; our lifelong clients often write to us and leave online reviews of their stories of youthful, glowing skin that glows even when its bare.

Ingredients and Formulations

Affinity Beauty emphasizes using high-quality and reliable ingredients that have been proven and provide pure results. We gravitate towards natural, amazing resources and ingredients that come from the earth and return to it. However, we don’t ignore the astounding scientific accomplishments our world has made, so we always respect the role that clinical formulas also play for superior efficacy.

We stand as a leading skincare and hair brand because of our mastery in blending quality ingredients and distinguished formulas. We have a highly-respected team of chemists, R&D experts and clinicians who understand the fundamentals of how every ingredient works, how each will affect each other, and combine them in the most effective way. Affinity Beauty works cuts through the hype of “miracle” ingredients to accurately and scientifically evaluate each raw material for its true impact and results.

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