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Our History

What is known today as Affinity Beauty Brands began over 55+ years ago as Aloe Creme Laboratories in the epicenter of sun-soaked lifestyle, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Founded in 1953 by Well-known scientist Rodney Stockton, Aloe Creme Laboratories became a leader in skincare for active lifestyle by being the first to pioneer Stockton’s breaking through: incorporating the anti-aging and restorative properties of fresh Aloe Vera gel into a sun and skincare line.

In 1987, the Siegel family purchased Aloe Creme Laboratories, with Doug Siegel stepping into the role of Vice President. A lifelong cosmetics expert with a 25+ years history in products research and development, Siegel eventually took over the company as president/director of R&D and set out on a mission. He would maintain the time tested formulas that had garnered a fiercely loyal clientele, but he would evolve the company with the addition of new complexes utilizing the most advanced in active ingredients.

To meet the needs of increased demand, in 1998, Siegel built a manufacturing facility and founded Affinity Beauty Brands. This name would replace Aloe Creme Laboratories as the company moniker. However, as a tribute to the company’s history, the name Aloe Creme Laboratories would remain a part of the AloSun line of products.

Two Superior Skincare Lines…and Growing

Today, Affinity Beauty Brands consists of two superior product lines: The AloSun range continue to offer the original formulations-with only minor variations such as the removal of parabens and replacement of petroleum with natural ingredients. AloSun builds upon theses sun and spa formulas with the addition of numerous sophisticated, restorative and protective skin solutions. Meanwhile, the CureDerma range has established itself as the channel for a slew of new advance in anti-aging skincare.

Affinity Beauty Brands continue to take advantage of the latest biomedical and cosmeceuticals discoveries. Currently, Siegel and his team are in the R&D phase for the BioActif range, a line of organic skincare products slated for launch in August 2009. To meet this goal, Affinity Beauty Brands has embarked on the USDA Organic Certification program, anticipating certification in early 2009.