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Our Philosophy

For over half a century, we have promoted ageless beauty through the study of skin care and treatment.
We believe you should feel beautiful at any age. We believe you deserve products that deliver clean, simple, naturally gorgeous skin that glows at every age. Finally, we believe that healthy, nourished skin makes you look and feel beautiful from the inside out.

People-Driven Philosophy

We’re about the people who use our skincare complexes: a clientele spanning generation, who have trusted our formulas for decades to uncover the ageless beauty of well-nurtured skin those people who tell us every day about their personal skincare needs and how our products have delivered solutions. Finally, we are about the people to whom they pass along their secret friends and families members who envy their bright, balanced skin and try our products for themselves.

Proven products

Our time tested formulas have set the standard in the field of skincare for active lifestyle because of their ability to repair, rejuvenate and protect. The proof is visible on the faces of our lifelong clients who write us daily with their stories of glowing, youthful skin that is beautiful even when bare.

Ingredients & Formulations

Affinity Beauty’s emphasis is on using ingredients that are pure and proven. We gravitate toward natural ingredients and resources, those that come from the earth and return to it, however, we understand the role of clinical, scientifically edgy formulations when necessary to achieve superior efficacy.

Distinguished formulas are separated by the quality of their ingredients, but also by the mastery of how to blend them. Our team of chemists, R&D experts and clinicians understands-at a fundamental level-how ingredients work, how they combine to affect one another and how one raw material has an affinity for another. This allows them to cut through the hype of every “miracle” ingredients advertised, to accurately determine real trends and best evaluate the effect of new raw materials.